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Protein Pack

  • Brand: Kyäni
  • Product Code: 101ENPRTPK
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  • AED493.47

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1 HL5 – 30 1 ounce pouches
1 FIT20 – 10 33.75g packets

When you live an active, hard-working, Healthy Living lifestyle, you need something that will you help you perform better and recover faster. You need FIT20.

Made from grass-fed whey protein isolate and natural hydrolyzed collagen, FIT20 delivers the nutrients athletes and active people require for long-lasting energy and nitric oxide production, faster workout recovery, and lean muscle building.

With daily use, FIT20 can help

Increase Strength & Flexibility Improve Workout Recovery Optimize Fat Metabolism Build Lean Muscle Support Bone & Joint Health Boost Long-term Nitric Oxide Production

HL5 is for anyone living a health-conscious lifestyle. Whether you want to age gracefully, look good, build muscle, or support your energy levels, HL5 can help! With five grams of hydrolyzed collagen, HL5 can promote lasting energy, supporting muscle growth, bone, joint, healthy skin, hair, and nails!

HL5 also has apple cider vinegar, which supports nutrient absorption and helps detoxify the skin, COQ10, a powerful antioxidant, fern extract, which promotes healthy digestion, and hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain healthy skin and blood sugar levels.

Try HL5 for yourself today! It’s in a convenient pouch and you’ll love the taste!

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